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»Trump erases line between political events and official business
To one crowd, Vice President Joe Biden was a "low-IQ individual."
»Collins to oppose Trump judicial nominee over record opposing LGBTQ rights
GOP Sen. Susan Collins says she will oppose the nomination of one of President Donald Trump's picks ...
»Trump targets Biden's shifting stances
President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden in a newly released interview clip, calling the former vice ...
»Analysis: To beat Biden, his rivals must win in Iowa and New Hampshire
First things first: The theme song of the week is the closing theme from Knots Landing.
»Democrats court black voters at South Carolina forum
Four Democratic presidential candidates pitched wholesale changes to the federal government's approa ...
»New York Times: US ramping up cyber attacks on Russia
The US is escalating cyber attacks on Russia's electric power grid and has placed potentially crippl ...
»Buttigieg: My DOJ, not White House, would determine whether to prosecute Trump for obstruction
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says that if elected, he would not direct his Depar ...
»New York could become first city to provide abortion funding
New York is slated to become what abortion activists say would be the first city in the country to p ...
»DOJ audit reveals FBI lost track of dozens of foreign nationals
The FBI lost track of dozens of foreign nationals it sponsored for entry into the United States to a ...
»The Point: Who gets to tango with Biden? And 27 other headlines from the week that was
Despite not exactly crossing paths in Iowa, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden went as close to to ...
»What's the matter with moving these federal workers to Kansas City?
Who's in and who's out of the Beltway? Amazon is moving into the Washington region, frustrating loca ...
»Trump's latest government overhaul aims to cut advisory panels by one-third
President Donald Trump on Friday announced plans to slash the formal system for advising regulators ...
»DOJ releases legal opinion supporting Treasury refusal to turn over Trump tax returns
The Justice Department is expected to make public Friday its legal opinion supporting the Treasury s ...
»White House officials privately say Trump handling questions about foreign interference in elections poorly
White House officials privately acknowledge that President Donald Trump has handled the questions ab ...
»DC may review Trump hotel's liquor license over challenge to President's 'good character'
Washington's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board opened the door this week to hearing a challenge to Pr ...

Date published: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 06:56:44 GMT

»Epic Mealtime Showdown of AWESOME
We had an excellent showdown with the EpicMealTime guys. Watch through to see what they had us eat!A ...
»Congressmen Caught Smoking Weed!
President Mike Gravel pushes to legalize marijuana and more in this episode of I LIke Mike!
»Gravel Goes Gaga!
It's president Mike Gravel's first day on the job, and Lady Gaga's got his work cut out for him...
»Old Spice Parody: Obama and Palin Homemade Tapes!
Old Spice Response videos from Obama and Palin.
»I Like Mike! White House Shocker!
There's a new president in the white house. And he's not taking any $#%&!! from anybody.
»Obama Watching A Baby Dancing, Smoking, Farting, and Getting Attacked by a Cobra
Barack Obama reacts to the best baby videos on the tubes. What video should Barack vlog about next? ...
»BP oil spill: Pelican Scrubbing!
Don't believe the hype: The BP oil spill has been great for local businesses!
»Barely Political: Our YouTube Story
Barely Political celebrated 3 years this month!
»BP's Crazy OIL SPILL P.S.A.
BP oil spill + Public Relations = crazy fun :)
»Obama and Palin watch Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi
We were just hanging together in Times Square, so we decided to post this vid.And here's the Greyso ...
»Obama Girl teaches Obama how to Look Sexy on Facebook
Obama Girl helps sexify Barack Obama's facebook profile pics.
»WORST Translator Ever Crashes White House!
President Obama invited the President of Mexico to the White House yesterday. Unfortunately, the tra ...
»Obama Explains Where Babies Come From
Obama and Mark Douglas respond to comments from haters.
»Obama Caught Smoking Weed?!
After signing Health Care Reform, Barack goes after some "green" initiatives :)
»Barely's 400th Video!
Got a favorite?  Leave it in the comments!  Thanks :)
»Is Obama an Avatar ??!!
Our congress men and woman have the guts to ask the hard questions.
»What Palin Wrote on her Hand
Palin's cheat notes exposed.
»Amber vs. Andrea ?!
Amber Lee Ettinger and Andrea Feczko read your comments and answer your questions!
»Barely Live Highlights!
A quick look at the Live performances that were part of BarelyLive at the Canal Room in NYC.
»Obama Consults Playgirl Magazine
The truth behind how Levi secured his Playgirl shoot.
»Letterman Calls The Cheat Team
Of course they have to get involved. . . or do they?
»Obama Girl's New Crush ??!!
Obama Girl shakes it hoe-down style in Kentucky with her new dancing partner, Eric C. Conn. ...
»LEAKED: Obama Attacked Gaga After Kanye!
Our cameras picked up the REST of Obama's off-hand comments about Kanye.  Be sure to show your frien ...
»Obama Kisses Hillary AND MORE!
If only we could sell you this T-Shirt . . .
»Obama Girl Interviews The Gregory Brothers
The secrets of Auto-Tune are finally revealed!
»Glenn Beck Freak Out: REMIX!!
Wish granted: Glenn Beck's famous on-air hissy fit is now the four-to-the-floor jam of your weekend.
»Mark Sanford Needs Megan Fox's Jean Shorts
Psssst. Do you know the password?
»Obama Girl Tackles Obama
Obama Girl threw out the first pitch at the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game, but things got out of h ...
»Hillary Breaks Her Arm
Recovered audio from Hillary's cellphone reveals the gritted teeth behind her stiff upper lip. Hilla ...
»Obama Kills Fly: Samurai Edition
Barely Political exposes the deeper meaning behind Obama's ninja swat.
»Obama Girl plays Wii Tennis at E3
Obama needs to hit a few ideas back and forth, and bounce a few ideas off his chief adviser.
»Awkward Oprah Edwards Interview
John Edwards reveals more than his wife's book dared to
»Biden Warns Swine Flu Not Over Yet
Vice-President Joe Biden has dire warnings for Matt Lauer about the growing danger of Swine Flu.
»The Right to Bear Testicles!
The Repuglican's address their 2nd Dog Amendment.
»Super Obama Girl: The End?
Super Obama Girl gives up her powers.  Will America survive the return of the right wing pundits fro ...
»Obama Girl Stimulates!
Watch the weirdest and most fun stimulus bill reaction ever! AND! Make your own Obama Girl video wit ...
»Obama Calls Jessica Fat?
Shocking Barack Obama interview with Matt Lauer. Except it's Marlin Hill's voice here and Michael St ...
»Humping Obama
Obama's first visit to the White House was a bumpy affair
»Jack Bauer warns Obama
Terrorist are plotting against Obama, and only one man has what it takes to keep this country safe.
»Obama Girl Duet
Check out Mike Relm's remix of our latest song
»Inauguration Dance Party!
When Obama Girl comes to town, "D.C." stands for "Dance Club"!
»Obama Girl + Obama Duet!
Obama Girl duet! Song written and mixed by Michael Gregory.Performed by Leah Kauffman and Barac ...
»Is the Obama Girl a 54 DOUBLE D? Really?
Obama Girl faces off with Pastor Manning after he called Obama a pimp!
»Bush Pardons OJ!
As his final term comes to a close, George W Bush decides to have a little last-minute fun.
»Dick Cheney Strangles Obama Girl!
Obama Girl wanted to know your New Years' resolutions. At first.
»The Very Best of Barely Political!
Obama Girl has a secret package she wants you to unwrap!
»ObamaGirl and Repuglicans unite for the ASPCA
ObamaGirl and Mr. Poopsalot of the Repuglican party join forces to speak out against animal cruelty.
»More Stuff Thrown at Bush!
Barely Political is proud to bring you this exclusive extended cut of the now-infamous shoe attack
»Obama Girl: The Cat Burglar
Obama Girl pulls off the most daring heist EVER! Visit
»Own Sarah Palin
All your favorite Palin classics are finally together in one fantastic boxed-set! Call Now!
»2008 Election: The NES Game
Politics makes so much more sense in 8-bits
»Obama Girl: Yes We Did!
Obama Girl votes in Pennsylvania then celebrates all her hard work on Election Night.
»Election Memory Dance Off!
Thanks for watching Barely Political this election! We love you all, so enjoy this election highligh ...
»Maverick and Goose 2008
America's trademark Mavericks get back in the pilot seat and fit in one last skirmish before electio ...
Obama Girl dances and Rusty Ward and his team of esteemed pundit analysts employ the fine science of ...
»Bear vs. Bull on Wall Street
Wall Street's wildest party animal meets his match in the rumble at the Stock Exchange!
»Obama Girl Robocalls
Obama's biggest supporter takes matters into her own hands!
»Bear Market! presents Wall Street's biggest party animal!
»Obama Girl Calls Barack With Ralph Nader! brings back the year's biggest political Odd Couple--and with Barack Obama this ...
»The RePuglican Convention
The G.O.P. (Grand Old Pugsies) nominate their candidate, who barks about the horrors of war.
»Don't Cry For Me, Alaska: The Sarah Palin Story
On the same day as Oliver Stone's "W", a revealing new biopic of Sarah Palin explodes into theaters ...
»The Obama Girl and Ralph Nader Show!
Obama Girl reaches across party lines.
»Obama Girl Gets Ready to Meet Obama
Obama Girl hears that Barack Obama is in town.
»John McCain's Age Card
Confused? Forgetting what you stand for? Sleeping on the job? You need the Age Card.
»Sarah Palin Calls Hillary Clinton
VP Candidate Sarah Palin calls Hillary Clinton asking for her support.
»Obama Girl explains the tax code
Obama Girl and Don't Tax Me Turtle discuss the best use of taxpayer dollars
»Inappropriate Reporter
Reporter Mark Douglas asks the questions no one else will.
»Rudy, Edwards and McCain Call Obama Girl
Obama Girl takes phone calls from some political players.
»BarelyPolitical at the DNC
BarelyPolitical heads to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention.
»Fox News Covers Some Political Affairs
Sean Hannity thinks John Edwards affair is horrible.  And John McCain's is not an issue.  Lots of ye ...
»John McCain's Teleprompter Problem
The secret reason John McCain has so many problems with teleprompters.
»The Hope Years: Obama Girl Meets a Young Obama Boy
Obama Girl heads back to 1966 to talk with a young Barack Obama.
»VP Hopefuls Call Senator Obama
VP hopefuls from Hillary Clinton to Tyra Banks call up Senator Obama with a final plea.
»Obama Girl vs. McCain Girl: Olympics part 3
Obama Girl and McCain Girl compete for the Youth Vote.  Things get nasty in the splash fight!
»McCain Girl and the Enchanted Republican Forest
McCain Girl and her magical animated friends sing about John McCain in the strangest campaign ad yet
»Obama Girl vs. McCain Girl: Olympics Part 2
Obama Girl and McCain Girl square off in events almost exactly like the campaign itself. Rusty and M ...
»Obama Girl vs McCain Girl Olympics - Part 1
Obama Girl and McCain Girl face off in the first round of the Candidate Girl Olympic Games. There i ...
»McCain Thinks Obama is Too Popular
The unreleased version of McCain's celebrity ad
»Britney and McCain 2008
McCain picks his running mate.  It's Britney, bitch.
»The Dark Knight and Ron Paul
Rusty Ward finds out who Batman, The Joker and Catwoman are voting for at Comicon in San Diego.
»John Edwards Sex Scandal Phone Call
John Edwards -- stuck in a hotel bathroom -- calls in for help from the Cheat Team.
»Obama Girl and McCain Girl Olympic Face Off
The world watches as two candidate girls do battle.
»John McCain and the Toolbelt Comics!
 John McCain hits the comedy circuit riffing on Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus and the French.
»Obama Girl: Behind the Wind
The talented wind man behind the Obama Girl videos.
»Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Phone Call Leaked
Old school finally patches things up with the new school.
»No, I Said She THREW Me!
Congressman caught at brothel that specializes in bizarre new fetish
»Obama Girl at the Personal Democracy Forum
Amber Lee Ettigner and Andrea Feczko talk to people at this years Personal Democracy Forum which was ...
»Hillary Man
Hillary Clinton's most devoted fan sings a sad goodbye.
»The Incredible McCain Girl presents The Incredible McCain Girl. Don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her ...
»She Wants My ... Stimulus Package
You won't believe what these two guys are going to buy with their Stimulus Package.
»Dude ... a Bud Light Parody
A political parody of the of the Bud Light "Dude" commercials. For more great videos like this, HOT ...
»Bill O'Reilly's Producer (Unseen Footage)
A first ever look at the man behind the camera that set off Bill O'Reilly's Inside Edition tirade.
»Obama Tries Stand-up Comedy
Feeling confident with his current momentum in the campaign, Senator Obama takes the mic and tells s ...
»Mike Gravel Lobbies for the Obama Girl Vote
Despite Senator Obama surprising people in Indiana and North Carolina primaries last night, Senator ...
»Sex, Lies and Barbara Walters
After Barbara Walters admits to an affair with a Senator on Oprah Winfrey her voicemail reveals a nu ...
»John McCain's Balls: Exactly How Huge Are They?
We all know John McCain has large balls, but exactly how huge are they? The Ward Room investigates.
»Hillary Gone Wild
Come party with Hillary!!! See all the footage that was TOO hot for the campaign trail.
»Obama Girl hits the Democratic debate in Philly
Follow Obama Girl around the debate that took place in Philly on Wednesday.
»Stalking The Superdelegate
Rusty Ward goes in search of a Superdelegate at the Philadelphia Democratic Primary Debate.
»Al Gore's Voicemail Reveals Which Candidate He Will Endorse
Obama and Clinton Compete for Al Gore's Endorsement
»Dramatic Obama
Obama responds dramatically to a question.
»Blogger Sweatshop
In the world of the 24/7 news cycle bloggers are forced to work under horrific conditions.
»Political Sex Scandals
A confession about the new obsession.
»Obama Girl on American Idol
Obama Girl auditions for American Idol, except it's a parody thing.
»"Hillary! Stop the attacks!" Love, Obama Girl
Obama girl is back! In in her latest latest video she asks Senator Clinton to stop the attacks agai ...
»Super OBAMA GIRL: The Lost Episode
In episode 17, Super Obama Girl battles the nefarious Baron Despair, who once again plans to brainwa ...
»Obama's Conf Call w/ Pastor Wright and his Grandmother
Obama talks with his Grandmother and Pastor Wright about hope, unity and not calling him in the midd ...
»Hillary in Bosnia: The True Story
Hillary Clinton showed courage under fire as she and Chelsea greeted the Bosnian delegation despite ...
»Sexcapades at McGreevey's Mansion
Jim McGreevey's personal chef talks about his tell-all cookbook
»Hillary Street! Yay!
It's HIllary Street! Kids learn new words by watching the many personalities of Presidential candi ...
»Elliot Spitzer: 5 Tips for Avoiding a Sex Scandal
After another year of political sex scandals, Eliot Spitzer assembles some tips on how not to get ca ...
»Barack the Shamrock O'Bama?
Barack "O'bama" faces new attacks on his heritage.
»The Ward Room Reveals The REAL Reason Behind The Iraq War
Rusty Ward attempts to deliver the news. Political humor.
»Obama Girl Interviewed by Geraldo
Obama Girl Interviewed by Geraldo
Dance2DC game
»John McCain Takes Van of Nuns Hostage
The Ward Room: The truth about John McCain's Gang of 14. Political Humor.
»Edwards, Obama & Clinton in Three Way ... Conference Call
The Ward Room: Obama and Clinton call Edwards vying for his endorsement. Political Humor.
»McCain farts! Hillary confused.
Just discovered tapes of John McCain prank calling Hillary Clinton last month.
»First Chelsea ... Now This. Rusty Ward Apologizes for "Ass Monkey" comment.
The Ward Room: Rusty Ward apologizes for his apology. Political Humor.
»No You Cant!
Barack Obama has Yes, We Can. John McCain is here to give you the straight talk. So deal.
»Giuliani and Edwards F*&ck'n Rock Out!
The Ward Room: After dropping out of the primary Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards got together, had a ...
»The Ward Room ... with Political Analyst Obama Girl!
Obama Girl heads to Pakistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. Political humor.
»Primary Knight
Candidates' secret identities revealed!
»Hillary Accuses Barack of Slumming with Slum Lords
The Ward Room: Barack hits Hillary, Hillary hits Barack and Edwards hits them both. Wolf Blitzer re ...
»John Edwards Talks to John Kerry About Obama Endorsement
The Ward Room: Recently discovered messages left on John Kerry's answering machine tell the American ...
»Obama Girl in New Hampshire
Obama Girl at the New Hampshire Primary
»The Ward Room: Pile on Ron Paul
Ron Paul talks honestly about America. This makes all the other candidates laugh. Rudy Giuliani gr ...
»Obama Girl: Behind the Sweat
Can't get enough Obama Girl? Check out this behind-the-scenes video through the eyes of "Sweat Man", ...
»Obama Girl on Fox News
Amber on Fox News discussing the return of Obama Girl
»Primary Smack Down! Obama Girl Returns
Obama Girl returns to Ba-rock the vote and take on Hillary in Iowa... with some help from Harry Trum ...
»Obama Girl Nightmare
Ron Paul supporters... meet humor. Humor... please be patient. Some of these guys seem to have troub ...
»Holiday Greetings from Huckabee, Rudy and Hillary
The Ward Room runs down holiday greetings from presidential hopefuls.
»"Obama Girl Dances for"
Obama Girl was asked by to put together a video supporting her favorite candidate. And so ...
»Jackie Mason: Republican Boy in Training
Jackie Mason trains to become Republican Boy
»Does Huckabee Have Street Cred?
Mike Huckabee's street cred has been a hot issue lately due to his boasting about the number of blac ...
»The Ward Room: CIA Director is Tortured to Determine if He Tortured Terrorism Suspects
Your number 4 source for in-depth political coverage
»Battle of the Viral Video Superstars
Brief cameo by Obama Girl in "Sexy Milk Jump"...winner of Canon's recent Battle of the Viral Video S ...
»Republicans, If Democrat Wins Election Jupiter Will Attack Earth
Your number 4 source for in-depth political coverage
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee may not be leading the race for the Republican Presidential n ...
»Barely Political Uncovered: At the YouTube debates visits the CNN/Youtube Republican Debates to talk to Huckabee, Ron Paul, and oth ...
»Obama Girl Interviews Chad Vader
Obama Girl ran into Chad Vader and had the chance to ask him some questions on love, life and politi ...
»U.S. Intelligence: Iran Has "Crazy Ass F@$%ed Up Sh*t"
The Ward Room: Your number 4 source for in depth political coverage
»Bill O'Reilly vs. Senator Dodd. Bill whines a lot.
Bill O'Reilly complains about pictures on the Daily Kos. Video assembled by Tara Lewis for Barely Po ...
»Terrorist Eggs George Bush's House
Your Number 4 Political News Source.
»Are You Smarter Than an Alien?
Catie Lazarus puts citizens up against aliens in a old-fashioned American quiz off
»Dick Cheney's Basement Declared C.I.A. Blacksite
Your Number 4 Political News Source.
Jenn Themelis investigates the scandal surrounding George W. Bush's dog, that has the nation in upro ...
»John McCain's Global Warming Solution ... Attack the Sun
Your Number 4 Political News Source.
»Jen Themelis reports
Jenn Themelis hits the streets to see how everyday Americans feel about Ann Coulter
»Romney Girl Attack Ad
The Romney Girls put out this attack ad against rival Obama Girl. Look for their new video next mont ...
»The Ward Room
Because the American people deserve it, The Ward Room provides in depth, up to date, and at times, f ...
»"Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song"
Leah Kauffman, the voice behind "I Got a Crush on Obama", performs in this music video tribute to An ...
»Republican Boy
Move over Obama Girls! To the left Giuliani Girls! Meet the campaign's newest heart throb, Jackie Ma ...
»Goodbye Bushies
Jennifer Prediger visits NY and DC so people can sign goodbye cards to Karl, Alberto and Tony.
»Obama Girl in the News
Press compilation for the Obama Girl "Trilogy"
»American Douchebag
Stucky and Murray report on one of America's biggest douchebags.
»GMA: I Like a Boy
Bill Weir interviews Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger about the new song "I Like a Boy"
»I Like a Boy and IAVA team up to present a salute to the troops.
»CNN: I Like a Boy
Bill Weir interviews Obama Girl Amber lee Ettinger about the new song "I Like a Boy" and the IAVA
»CNN: Crush on Obama
Jeanne Moos covers the song "I Got a Crush on Obama" the day after it went viral.
»Crush on Obama
Deleted scenes and bloopers from the video shoot of "I Got a Crush on Obama"
»Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl
Deleted scenes from the music video "Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl"
»I Got a Crush on Obama
The original Obama Girl video - seen over 100 million times around the world!
»Crush on Obama: Deleted Scenes
Deleted scenes from the music video "I Got a Crush on Obama"
»Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl: Deleted Scenes
Deleted Scenes from the music video "Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl"
»Leah Live
Leah Kauffman performs "Crush on Obama", "I Like a Boy" and "My Box in a Box"

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